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  • Offal 5 December 2014, 10:34


    Food products - it's edible secondary products slaughtering. In view of the cattle is divided into beef, pork, mutton, in food value - I and II category. Until 1 categories include by-products, which are equated with meat - it, liver, kidney, brain, heart, udder, aperture, myasokistnyy tail beef and lamb meat bleeds.

  •  Quality of meat 5 December 2014, 10:37

    Quality of meat

    Meat sold to customers only benign and cleaned out the form. Under the counter should be made ​​to collect sweeps. Purity meat is determined organoleptically. According to the standard it is divided into fresh, questionable freshness and not fresh. Organoleptic characteristics of meat freshness define the appearance and April, the state of the surface of carcasses, odor, texture, condition of subcutaneous fat, muscles, tendons on the cut, transparency and flavor the broth after cooking.

  • Preparing meat for retail sale 5 December 2014, 10:41

    Preparing meat for retail sale

    In the retail meat comes in the form of carcasses, quarters divided by cut and parts at the factory. Carcasses and quarters are divided in the back room store. All cuts are distributed in commercial varieties, while in one kind of combine ink, similar in quality indicators. The meat is taken by the amount of ink and net weight. At the same time check for stamps vetnahlyadu, matching the development of muscle and adipose tissue brands, as well as fresh meat.

  • Classification of beef carcasses 5 December 2014, 10:55

    Classification of beef carcasses

    In view of slaughtered animals distinguish meat of bovine animals, swine, sheep, goats, horses, rabbits, birds. By sex meat of adult cattle is divided into beef and meat of bulls, pigs - pork and wild boar; age - for adult cattle and calves; in fed (degree of muscle tissue and subcutaneous fat layer) - the category; Thermal state - even, such that cooled, chilled, frozen and defrostovane (thawed).
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